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Karen Hills Management Company

The Karen Hills Management Company (KHMCo) is here to make sure that:

  • Your investment sustains its value, and, that it grows in value.
  • You and your family enjoy the attributes of living here, with the benefits of a safely guarded community, on your personal 1-acre plot, set in a well-treed and green environment with facilities to enhance your lifestyle.

Future Strategies

By building a good-looking home, you will achieve enhancement of both your financial strategy and your lifestyle strategy.

Economic Strategy

Having invested into Karen Hills, the underlying economic strategy is how to maintain and enhance this value.

Lifestyle Strategy

The lifestyle strategy is how to enjoy this investment.


The main objectives of the Karen Hills Management Company are:

  1. Monitoring the safety, security, and well-being of the owners and residents.
  2. Ensuring all aspects of infrastructure services are functioning properly.
  3. Checking on the compliance of the architects, building contractors, and owners, to the procedures and rules of the KHMCo.
  4. Managing the conduct of the building contractors and their staff, deliveries, street cleaning, waste removal and general behaviour.
  5. Making sure that the parklands, the green areas, and The Gazebo area is well maintained and cared for.
  6. Representing the interests of the residents at all levels of the local community, with the local authorities, and other Residents Associations.
  7. Managing the financials and collections of the monthly service charges for these services.
  8. To protect your investment, set a frame for good neighbourliness, and allow you to enjoy your own lifestyle in the way you prefer

Good Care, Good Lifestyle, Good Property Values.

Karen Hills Management Company Karen Hills Management Company
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